ClimCalc is a simple model of physical and chemical climate for the New England / New York region derived from statistical analysis of weather station data and data from atmospheric deposition monitoring networks. The model estimates mean monthly values for precipitation, solar radiation, and minimum/maximum daily temperature as well as wet plus dry deposition of atmospherically deposited sulfur and nitrogen compounds for locations within the northeastern U.S. Required inputs are latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees), elevation, slope and aspect. The model was designed to capture the dominant regional patterns in climate and atmospheric deposition and does not address some local factors such as rainshadow effects, proximity to large water bodies and elevation effects on dry deposition.
In addition to site-level estimates, ClimCalc has been used in conjunction with a 1 km digital elevation model to yield monthly GIS coverages (figure 1, also see references). This GIS data set provided the basis for regional application of a carbon and water balance model (PnET) aimed at predicting forest growth, water yield and effects of future climate change.

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